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The Realignment Program, Eva Hooft


Are you a health and wellness enthusiasts that is living a healthy, balanced life but you're still experiencing physical symptoms? I help you get to the root cause of your issues so you can heal your skin and digestive issues and move beyond limiting patterns

This program is for you if you're looking to get to the root cause of your digestive, skin and hormone issues by detoxing and learning how to eat for your body so you can feel your best.

This program helps get you back into total-body alignment. The program infuses various modalities rooted in science, spirituality and psychology and deals with all layers that play a role in your health.

Together we will..

  • Cleanse - drainage pathways, intestines, liver, blood and lymph, parasites, heavy metals, stuck emotions, negative self-talk, binge-restrict cycles

    • You will go through a comprehensive personalized detox protocol so that you can strip your body from all physical, emotional and mental blocks

    • Open up your drainage pathways so your body can start detoxing on a day-to-day basis and doesn’t get overwhelmed with the daily toxic burden.

    • Learn to make small changes that relieve pain in your body, clear your skin and increase your self-esteem

  • Connect - to your intuition, your food, self-love, your body

    • Assess and reprogram subconscious beliefs through questioning, chakra work, affirmations, and visualizations so you can feel confident and empowered

    • start making the connection between the emotional and physical body so that you can heal the root cause of your symptoms

    • Get in tune with your body so that you can sense what works for your body and what doesn’t, and don’t need to get confused by conflicting information in the diet industry

  • Heal - your body, mind, relationship to food,

    • Heal your relationship with food, so that you have more time to enjoy life and be present in private and social settings

    • We will work on cultivating a sense of trust in yourself and your intuition so that you’re no longer drowning in others’ opinions

    • Start healing your gut and liver and other organs which are at the root of your digestive, skin and hormonal issues so you no longer settle for “managing your symptoms”

Laine, CA

Working with Eva has been transformational in becoming the person I want to be. She has helped me with eating intuitively, lessening anxiety around my health and tapping into my body’s intuition. She’s given me all the support, resources and true wealth of information that felt really overwhelming when trying to go on a health journey alone. Beyond wellness, my business has taken off while working with Eva - the energy, level of high self confidence and clarity of thought I feel with her coaching has helped me step into leadership and creativity more than ever before 


This program targets those symptoms that you’ve “learned to live with” like fatigue, bloating, depression, anxiety, water retention, hormonal issues, acid reflux, food sensitivities. 

What’s included:

  • 1:1 personalized guidance for 90 days

  • 7 x 60-minute coaching sessions + recordings (biweekly)

  • Text, voicenote, and email support mo-fri 9-5

  • Personal dashboard in Notion with session notes, reflections, goals and resources

What you’ll also get:

  • Access to online DETOX and REBUILD protocols

  • Access to my RECONNECT meditation and breathwork library

  • Access to my self-guided 7-day detox support videos and guide

  • Free 10 min emergency calls

When I tried healing my body, it was scary to do by myself, and it was often hard to find the support on a mental, physical and emotional level. I’m here to guide you every step of the way and will keep you accountable to the goals that we defined – as we are often the ones that can get in the way of our own healing.



We'll establish your goals and will assess your current lifestyle, eating-habits, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I'll be offering you perspective shifts on why you're dealing with certain health issues and what they're trying to teach you.


Together we will create a step-by-step plan, infusing different modalities like health coaching, detoxification, muscle testing and emotional release. You will learn to rebalance your nervous system and change the relationship to your body.


Experience a new connection to your body, your intuition and create a more aligned way of being. Resolving your health issues on all levels will leave you feel more centered, grounded and at ease in your body, which will enhance the quality of your entire life.

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