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a detox for the mind, body and spirit

Detox your liver and intestines and heal your relationship with food

how much can you transform in 7 days? let's find out 

Are you someone that is tired of quick fixes, relying on supplements and running tests? This cleanse will help you get to the root cause of your disease / fatigue and health issues by reducing the toxic load in your body.

Unlike juice cleanses, this cleanse is not depleting, but deeply nourishes your cells while being detoxing on a very deep level. 


Alkalizing your body and releasing toxic waste will create a physical, emotional and mental transformation 

Are you ready to create space and let go of stored emotions and trauma. limiting beliefs and everything that no longer serves you? 

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Brittney L, CA

"Having the support of the detox group was invaluable as I underwent the pretty intense rainbow cleanse protocol. Sharing our stories united us into a motivating team that cheered each other through challenging moments. Group wisdom brought awareness to our diverse experiences and needs. I came out of the detox not only feeling incredible for finishing it but also empowered by the community that made the process feel safe and manageable. I highly recommend joining this group if you are considering an intensive detox"

What will you be releasing? 

  • mucoid plaque 

  • toxic bile sludge

  • gallstones

  • excess cholesterol

  • parasites

  • toxins

Did you know that our bodies hold on to toxic waste that are usually at the root of our digestive, skin and hormonal issues? Releasing this will give your body space to start to heal itself. 

This package includes

  • Group calls: 3 live group zoom calls during the cleanse 

  • Guided Videos: 5 videos guiding you through the whole 7-days, step-by-step 

  • Groupchat access: Join our private group on whatsapp for 24/7 community support. 

  • Exclusive Discounts to Products: You’ll get discount codes to the products

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan: Get a comprehensive list of recipes and foods you can eat during the detox to ensure the best results, and be gentle on your body. 

  • Detailed PDF with journal practices, breathwork and meditations

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