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The Realignment Podcast

The Realignment Podcast is where science meets spirituality. This podcast has the latest information on health, wellness and spirituality and other tangible tools to improve your life is what this podcast is all about. 

Join Eva every Wednesday for a new episode on all things health, wellness, self-improvement, spirituality 

Realignment Podcast Health Coach

Get Your Wellness Boost

The Realignment Podcast

Every Wednesday, Holistic Detox Coach Eva Hooft hosts conversations that help bridge the gap between science and spirituality by providing valuable tools, insights and practices to help detox your body, mind and spirit so that you can live a life in alignment with your highest expression and feel like your most radiant, abundant self.


This podcast is here to inspire you to dive deep into the areas of your body and consciousness that have yet to be explored! 

We Talk About

Every week on Wednesday we dive deep on different modalities, tips, advice and insights on how to come into our unique alignment in the way we are meant to. Guest speakers including holistic health specialists, healers, experts in their field, and influencers come one to the show to share their life changing stories and knowledge.

Hosted by Eva Hooft


Mastering your intuition

Neo Emotional Release

The Realignment Podcast with Eva Hooft


Plant Medicine

Practices and Tools

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