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3 or 6 months


What if I told you that your physical, mental, emotional symptoms & patterns are all deeply connected.

Are you ready to get to the root of the things that are causing your subconscious patterns so you can be the HIGHEST version of yourself? 

I will help you live an aligned and grounded life, in your purpose and fullest expression, deeply connected to SOURCE, bring awareness to your subconscious patterns so you can create your dream life


Are you ready to call in all the freedom and aligned relationships you've been wishing for?


MY 1:1 VIP containers INCLUDE:

- Holistic Health Coaching
- Detoxing & Cleanses

- Liver, Colon, Heavy Metal Detoxes
- Breathwork and Meditation
- Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing

- Neo Emotional Release 
- Spiritual Wisdom and Rituals
- Subconscious Rewiring
- Inner Child Work

- Working with your Guides 
- Body Image & Eating Disorder healing
- Feminine Masculine Balancing

- Plant Medicine Integration

& other Realignment Protocols where necessary.

WHAT you'll DO:


drainage pathways, intestines, liver, blood and lymph, parasites, heavy metals, stuck emotions, negative self-talk, binge-restrict cycles

  • You will go through a comprehensive personalized protocol so that you can strip your body from physical, emotional and mental blocks

  • Open up your drainage pathways so your body can start detoxing on a day-to-day basis and doesn’t get overwhelmed with the daily toxic burden.

  • Develop a deep sense of trust within yourself so that you can sense what works for your body and what doesn’t, and don’t need to get confused by conflicting information in the diet industry


to your intuition, your food, self-love, your body, a higher power..

  • Assess and reprogram subconscious beliefs through questioning, chakra work, affirmations, and visualizations so you can feel confident and empowered

  • Claim your value and worthiness so that you become a magnet to everything you desire and attract more health, wealth and abundance

  • You learn to identify your triggers and patterns so you can be responsive instead of reactive and your patterns are no longer running your life


your body, mind, relationship to food and the world 

  • Heal your relationship with food, so that you have more time to enjoy life and be present in private and social settings

  • Using a root-cause approach, you will cultivate a deeper connection to your body and emotions so you can understand the deeper meaning of your physical symptoms and learn how to heal 

  • Start supporting your gut, liver and other organs which are at the root of your digestive, skin and hormonal issues so you don't always have to “manage your symptoms”

& SO MUCH MORE, love

3 or 6 month 1:1 VIP mentorship

In this container you will have access to all my tools like intuitive hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing, psychosomatics, Neo Emotional Release, shadow work and inner child healing. These tools will help you live an aligned and grounded life, and help you recognize subconscious patterns so you can create your dream life and call in more freedom, aligned relationships and more self love.

What's included:

  • 3 x 50min or 2 x 75 min sessions a month

  • Tue-Fri text, voicenote, and email support

  • access to ALL my group offerings, masterclasses and courses.

What you’ll also get:

  • Add-on sessions at a discounted price

  • Access to the REALIGNMENT program

Eva Healing
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